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Optimization in Javascript that you should know

What is an Optimization?

Optimization as a generic term is used to define the betterment of a part of the process that will lead to the betterment of the overall process.

What is the concept of debouncing?

These are two concepts that will basically be used in js to enhance the performance of the application by limiting the actions performed in a given interval of time.


It’s the concept in which events are limited by the time means in this the limiting factor is time means only one interval will be fired in the given interval. …

It sounds easy but it’s not

What is a Tooltip?

so a tooltip is tiny info icons that you see on websites on which when you hover or take your pointer shows a text box that displays some information about that it may be text or some component.

Why do we need a tooltip in a UI?

so tooltips have a become basic building blocks of UI because it gives us the power to provide more info to the user without adding any extra clutter to our UI as the text remains hidden unless user hovers over the info icon and also allows us to simplify complicated things like PPV refers here is…

Git is the superpower that is needed by every developer


  1. What — Git is a version control tool which means you can manage different versions of your code and can restore different changes that you made to your code during the different interval of time so it gives you superpower over the history of your code so basically, it prevents you from making different folder code and saying final, now-its-final, etc
  2. When — Git can be used for many cases and the most common case in which git is used is when you have a large team or multiple devs…

Frankly speaking, you can’t get a good job if you think reactJs is enough.

React is ❤️ but not enough
React is ❤️ but not enough

Why can’t you land a good job?

Okay, so the big question why I think so and why I believe that the title is not bogus and misleading. I have some points to support the above argument

  1. React is not that hard to get started and learn.
  2. React is the new python.
  3. People think react is enough on its own.

so the above points may seem gibberish to some but let me explain first of all learning curve of react is not that steep if you…

Why And What is Async-Await?

if you have used javascript there’s no way you never got stuck with synchronous API calls and just that may have doubled or even tripled the time of your development. And you missed all the asynchronous programming languages that made this so easy and I understand that making an API call in js is a pain especially when you are new to it. I remember when I tried to make an API call in the first application and I just got stuck and that just irritated me. My first intent was to go back to the old behavior that I…

What is Redux?

Okay, so this is the first question that has to be answered when you are considering redux for your app. So redux is a state(data that your application needs) management library. Basically react is used when you need to share some data throughout the application and if your application follows the flux architecture (in which data flows only in one flow normally from parent to child in most applications). So why would you be considering this? well, there are many reasons. Some of those can be as follows:

  1. You want some data to be shared your application which is on…

Functional programming Methods in js is one of the main focus nowadays and it should be it makes our lives so much easier as we don't have to use loops to do some basic things like transform elements in a list, filter a list, etc. Let's see what functional programming actually is.


Okay, so forEach is a method that is used to perform a task that has to be repeated for every element in a list. Let’s take an example if I want to print double every element from a list what will be the code.

let list = [1,2,3,4,5,6]

How To get started? The biggest question that pops up whenever starting a new thing. What's the starting point? what things are required? Is it worth it? So may questions and so many answers and they are all good ones lets start from the beginning.


Ok so the first thing that comes to mind when started anything comes to mind is the tutorials and I agree that is the most logical thing to do but does it only takes tutorial to learn that thing? Actually not tutorials are good until you don't fell into a tutorial trap that is watching…

Starting a project can be a very stressful and difficult task. Many find it as an overwhelming thing to do and I am not gonna lie it is actually but there's a catch you will only find it overwhelming when you try making it perfect. Below are the points I personally keep in mind when I am starting a project.

Nothing is PERFECT

When starting a project keep this thing in mind that nothing in the world is perfect it will help you to deal with limitations of your project and will give you hope to carry on if it has some mistakes…


svelte got a lot of hype after it’s release of version 3 and made some bold statements with facts and proofs. The creator of svelte Rich Harris made a lot of points about the performance svelte provides over any other js framework or library like react,angular,vue etc. But What made svelte stands out is it totally new approach to think of js. And on of the major reason svelte is getting hyped because of it’s less line of code and reactivity. I have been using react for most of my projects but as soon as i got to know about…

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