Dawn of Applications (ReactJs🤯)

So I have been working on ReactJS for almost 3 years now and still every day I come to learn about new things that make me question everything I have learned about react. I will divide this article into 3 parts which will let you know why I think so

What is happening?

okay so when react came out it was for the web but as js get matured you can use react basically anywhere be in making desktop apps, mobile apps, etc. which is a good thing but also which creates a new problem every day as we moved to react as a preferable library because of following things
1. Wide Community Support
2. Write once use on any platform
3. It’s always evolving thanks to the react team
and many more……
but these basically moved us to a tricky situation though it provides us everything that we can dream of there are always tradeoffs it’s like econ 101 of supply and demand principle of economics or space-time paradox in computer science. Like just for example React native which is the most popular choice for app development nowadays has performance issues and you will face them as you start to use it.

Why is this happening?

As we want to build applications faster because we want to be the first of all in any space. We are started to lack the basic fundamental of software development and the feasibility aspect of an application we are so drilled down in building applications that we are forgetting that only building an application is not as same building a good application. we live in a world where the time lag of seconds can affect our user base very prominently. It is a very good thing that we are introduced to new ideas and new things come to reality but I am worried that it might also cause the downfall of any technology. the reasons I stated above apply to software engineering as a whole rather than react but as most of the developers are focusing on learning to react as it is one of the mainstream language and you can basically use it anywhere it is the main victim of this problem.

What can we do to prevent this from happening?

Throughout the 3 years of my frontend development career, I have made many mistakes and have had many mentors who helped me see those problem and help me to solve those. According to me the following are some things we can focus on that can make us a good developer
1. Knowing the understanding technologies(JavaScript)
2. Asking questions freely about why we are using this and what is the need
3. Getting the knowledge of surrounding technologies like (bundling/linting/ts)
4. Deeper Understanding of the problem we are trying to solve
these are some things I can think we can prevent from basically preventing people from rewriting the applications as they get more mature and will help a lot of people.



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