Frontend Project Ideas 🚀 That are fun and different

Ideas that hit different when you make them

Regex Finder

So This is a fairly simple project I have found myself many times searching for a text in a file and want to get all that searches as a list there isn’t much to do in this you need an input field for the text regex pattern from the user and voila you are good to go. So basically what’s the idea I have found myself finding out a pattern in vscode for a text string and sometimes I want them in an array so it will be good if an app can spit out the list.


  1. You will learn regex in the process
  2. You will make something that you can also use

Nested Value Finder

So this is a bit nice and more common thing you can see and feel will need so suppose you have a nested object and you want a specific key or keys you want to find so most of the time I write a function but that can be done by making a generic function.


  1. Will enhance your Object Navigation skills
  2. You will see the real-life problem you might deal with as a frontend dev.

Color Pallete

So this is not much of a complex project but a fun one you will make a color palette that will generate a random color palette so it might help you to move out from complex problems so that you can have some actual fun coding react or any frontend development.


  1. Not many pros just up to your imagination.

Dynamic PortFolio Website

So yeah this is kind of misleading as there’s nothing different about this but what happens if I say you have to make this dynamic means you have to figure out a way of picking up dynamic data using an API or an online storage service so that if you want to update your website you don’t have to do a redeployment.


  1. Familiarity With API will increase and you will explore storage options
  2. You will basically make an application that partially matches a product that is you will face real-life application problems with fetching data and delays.
  3. It will be the one-stop application where you can even display all your projects and show off your skills.

Shopping Cart

SO this is a very good feature if you ever want to try out the complex issues and problems you can face when developing an eCommerce website. First, you will say it’s not that complex but when you start working soon you will realize there are a lot of edge cases that you need to take care of and you will explore how the real-time updating of cart items works when you use multiple devices


  1. You will get to develop a sense of how to think about how real time updating will work (Ex. polling or sockets)
  2. You will get to know the difference in behavior if an app is made to run on different platforms simultaneously.



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